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SubjectS3 Trio FB
Hi there,
Thanks to Peter Horton and his S3-Patch, I get the logo and the graphic console.
But, I have a small problem. While booting at LILO, I say lin vga=ask
and type 303 to get the 800x600 fb graphic console. Is there any way so that I can
put it in lilo.conf and get it directly without again typing vga=ask and all.
I read the VesaFB documentation and did as it said like
adding a line vga=303, but at boot it says invalid mode and when I type 303 at the
prompt, I get the logo right.
This happens even to one of my other systems which has a Trident AGP Card for which
I have to type lin vga=ask whenever I want a graphic console and then 303.
Trying the lilo.conf way also didn't work. It gives the same error like
"You asked for an unavailable mode" or something similar, but typing 303 at the next
prompt gets me the graphic console. Any help would be appreciated.


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