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    SubjectRE: NFS problem: __nfs_fhget: inode still busy
    Hi Trond,

    Yesterday i started getting the famous "access beyond end of block device"
    errors on the nfs server. I ran an fsck on all drives, and there were a lot
    of errors. Once the server was back up the client booted fine again.

    I don't understand what nfs stale/busy inode errors are about, so can i put
    those errors down to corrupted filesystems on the server? (though they
    occurred a day before "access beyond end of block device" on the server.)


    Paul Jakma.

    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: Trond Myklebust []
    > Sent: 16 September 1999 08:56
    > To: Paul Jakma
    > Cc: Linux Kernel
    > Subject: Re: NFS problem: __nfs_fhget: inode still busy
    > Paul Jakma <> writes:
    > > I have an nfs client which virtually hangs immediately
    > after boot. it
    > > continually prints out the message:
    > >
    > > __nfs_fhget: inode 8227 still busy, i_count=1
    > >
    > > This happens just after finishing executing rc.local. (RH5 boot-up
    > > scripts). It's then supposed to start xdm, but never get's that far.
    > > Inode number is always the same.
    > This is due to the stale inode code getting activated, and trying to
    > clean out an inode that is in use. I have a patch which softens the
    > stale inode code which may (or may not) help.
    > Please try it out and see if it helps...
    > Cheers,
    > Trond

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