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    Subjectre: > 15K simultaneous connections EXAMPLE program/OS config needed, was: Re: POSIX aio vs completion ports
    "Stephen D. Williams" <> asked:
    > Stephen, or anyone else, are you aware of a test program that illustrates the
    > use of existing (2.2.12+) mechanisms to efficiently handle many sockets?

    There are a couple programs like that listed at

    > Is there a limit to the number of connections per IP address, assuming many
    > different client IP's? (In other words, is there any problem with running out
    > of local sockets? There shouldn't be really since a client program that
    > doesn't specify a certain local socket doesn't care if it has that same socket
    > number used with N different remote IP's.)
    > I really want to handle 100,000 TCP connections simultaneously per system,
    > eventually.

    Guess I should rename my page c100k.html :-)

    Alan recently said that each handle takes up 20k in kernel space.
    so 100,000 connections could take up 100k*20k = 2GB of RAM,
    which might cause some trouble except on very recent kernels
    (and maybe you still need a patch for this).

    I'd be interested in hearing whether anyone has gone past
    64k handles opened; who knows, maybe some bad code somewhere is
    using a short to hold an fd.

    - Dan

    (The above is my opinion alone, and not that of my employer)

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