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    SubjectRe: pgcc
    On 9 Sep 1999, Oystein Viggen wrote:

    > Simple question:
    > Would compiling the kernel with pgcc be a Bad Move(TM)?

    If you're using a recent kernel (> 2.1.something), it will work.

    > Would it work at all, and if so, would it run faster than with gcc/egcs?

    If you set the right optimization flags in Makefile and
    arch/i386/Makefile, you can get quite a speed increase...

    You might want to look at gcc 2.95.1 as well - it includes several of
    pgcc's optimizations (including k5/k6 stuff), and in some situations
    outperforms pgcc 1.1.x.
    I'd recommend against using pgcc 2.95.something for now - there are too
    many bugs in it.


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