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SubjectRe: Ext3 filesystem info?
   Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 20:32:40 +0100 (BST)
From: Alex Buell <>

> There is a 0.01 release which came out 1-2 weeks ago. It was against
> 2.2.2, and has bugs which have since been fixed. I imagine that
> Stephen will be releasing a new version fairly shortly.

Just out of interest, will there be tools to convert from ext2 to ext3?

No real tools are needed; it's just a matter of mount -t ext3 with an
appropriate mount option to ask it to create the journal inode. After
you unmount an ext3 volume with journaling, you'll be able to mount it
using ext2.

Some future extensions (like B-tree directories) change this in the
future, but if you're only using journalling, it's completely backwards

- Ted

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