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SubjectRe: [PATCH] support for ISAPnP code with ne2000 network driver
> > route - an issue that is being discussed re PCI probing now. i.e. we should
> > have isapnp.c contain some sort of function for probing a list of device
> > IDs rather than going down the same path again and start adding code
> > duplication to a bunch of drivers.
> Yes, I think so. Sort of a generic device probe library for different
> busses.

Yes I know about this. Moving it is on the tag list as is moving pci-scan
out of drivers/net

> of different busses and probe code in the future this would change
> probably, but at the moment it seems PCI/CardBus and ISAPnP for some
> legacy support)

Boot time ISAPnP init isnt too big. Fixing the drivers is also fairly
easy because we can do this

static struct blah...{ };


and if isapnp_scan ifdefs to nothing when ISAPNP is disabled then
the struct shouldnt be compiled into the code. If it is then someone
needs to take a large stick to gcc..

> well, I did it for me to get rid of the userspace isapnp tools :)
> So (1) is surely very high-priority especially as support for ISAPnP
> in other drivers will pop up, if someone needs it.
> (2) is not an issue, I think (apart from (3), #ifdef'ing the probe table)
> - one should add a simple HOWTO to (1) how to do it right.

And you can now nfsroot off an isapnp card 8)

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