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SubjectRe: > 15,000 Simultaneous Connections

>Advantanges over sigwaitinfo():
> - can dequeue multiple events in one call

This is very useful to avoid context switches.

> - Queues would be automatically shared -- iff file descriptors are shared.

The same can be said about signal queues.

> - Since there is no implicit per-process state (e.g. signal handlers), we
> avoid the need for library and application code to fight it out over
> who gets what signals.

I don't see this as a big enough issue to outweigh the benefits. It is fairly
easy to pick out a signal and use it. (It it more difficult to ensure that
other things don't stomp on your signal handlers).

The benefits that I see of POSIX stuff is that there is already a precedent
and API out there. It allows you to queue I/O requests and let the OS worry
about shoving the data out the pipe.

Somethings that I think would be very nice additions is the ability to
grab multiple events from the queue, aio_{read,write}v(), and aio_sendfile().

I think that an efficient Asynchronous I/O daemon (or handling algorithms)
could beat out the userland data pushing.



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