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Subjectcdrom errors...
I posted a message about this yesterday, but now have some further
information: I have tried the IDE patch to 2.2.12 with no success...
and have tried 2.3.18 with a continuance of the errors... both
with and without the 'use multimode by default' option listed under
IDE disks... but since this is a cdrom drive that isn't a large
However, the errors appear to be similar to the ones that the multimode
option was instituted for. In any case, if someone has an idea on how
to fix this I would be happy to beta-test the code. :>

To paste the errors again:

Sep 15 12:48:00 miranda kernel: ATAPI device hdd:
Sep 15 12:48:00 miranda kernel: Error: Illegal request -- (Sense
Sep 15 12:48:00 miranda kernel: (reserved error code) -- (asc=0x6f,
Sep 15 12:48:01 miranda kernel: hdd: command error: status=0x51 {
DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
Sep 15 12:48:01 miranda kernel: hdd: command error: error=0x50
Sep 15 12:48:01 miranda kernel: end_request: I/O error, dev 16:40 (hdd),
sector 1248

this sequence of errors is usually repeated several times, although not
always. It has
occured on two separate cd drives(/dev/hdc, and /dev/hdd). one of them
is a DVD drive,
but as the errors occur with both drives this probably isn't relevant.
The only
thing I can see is that it might have to do with both drives being on
the secondary


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