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SubjectPlease help! I can't seem to get SYSRQ to work. I've read the docs and compiled the kernel with Kernel Debugging turned on.


Sorry if this at all off-topic.

I am getting hard lockups while downloading files over a PCMCIA modem
As far as I can tell, all I/O is frozen (mouse pointer stops moving,
doesn't cause my system to shut down, etc.). I am forced to power cycle
the machine.

I have read sysrq.txt and followed the instructions for checking
the SYSRQ key mapping. showkey gives output like this for "ALT-SYSRQ-R"
and "F12-R":


0x38 0x54 0x13
0xd4 0x93 0xb8


0x13 0x58
0x93 0xd8
0x58 0x13
0xd8 0x93

The annoying thing is that I have been unable to verify that
the SYSRQ stuff is working. I have tried getting memory info
to be dumped to the console, with no success. After ALT-SYSRQ-M
failed, I tried remapping SYSRQ to F12 in keyboard.h. That didn't
work either.

Please, if you have any idea what I'm doing wrong, please let me
know. I am really frustrated that I have been unable to collect
ANY information about what is causing my kernel to lock up.

Thanks a million!


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