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SubjectRe: Lockups - lost interrupt

On Mon, 13 Sep 1999 wrote:

> > what labels do you mean?
> If you look at the build irq macros, you will see that common irq
> has a label on the line of code that does "call do_IRQ" [...]

oh, ok, i see it.

> #define __cli() irq_control.do_cli()

i'm not sure wether this will ever be accepted into the main kernel -
__cli()/__sti()/etc. right now is heavily used and inlined (mostly via
spinlocks) and it's a single instruction. Maybe building a table of 'cli,
sti, popfl, pushfl' addresses into a special section can do the trick
without interfering with the 'normal' kernel? A single-instruction 'int 3'
could be patched into those places, or something like that.

-- mingo

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