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Subject2.3.18 kernel not able to mount root file system
OK, I am trying to test the latest 2.3 kernel on my spare
(read not 100% critical) server but when the kernel boots
after finding the IDE hard drive as well as the various
scsi drives in the system, it lists all the available
partitions on the scsi and the ide drives but then fails
to mount the root file system on the IDE drive. The last
message prior to the "unable to mount root fs on 03:01
is "Found PIIX4 ACPI device at 4000" Has anyone
else been experimenting with the 2.3 kernels and seen this
sort of problem? The version I am trying is 2.3.18

I will try turning off the probe for the PIIX4 ACPI device
tomorrow evening to see if that makes any difference.

This is a Micronics mother board based on the Intel 430TX
chipset (PIIX4 stuff according to /proc/pci) with a AMD
K6 233MHz cpu and a Micropolis 4550A IDE hard drive. The
scsi card is a Symbios 53c875 The system boots just fine
with a 2.2.10-ac5 kernel that I have been using for quite
some time.

The OS is SuSE 5.3 that has been upgraded with the 1.1.1
version of the egcs compiler.

I can try to include the bootup messages or the linux/.config
file from the 2.3 kernel source tree somehow if anyone is
Steven A. DuChene

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