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SubjectRaising number of file handles per process
Working on a RedHat 6.0 (kernel 2.2.5),
we want to have about 5000 file handles open concurrently by each of
3 processes on one host.

We have added the following in /etc/rc.d/rc.local
echo 16384 > /proc/sys/fs/file-max

ulimit -nH and ulimit -nS both return 1024.

We now seem to need to ulimit -nH 5000 and ulimit -nS 5000 before
running the above processes, BUT this is only allowed from root shells.
The processes are to run as regular user processes.

Is there a way to avoid going through a root shell and then 'su' to the
user before running the process?
Is there a way to perhaps ulimit for all processes on the machine? Or
add this to the programs themselves?

Arie Rudich

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