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SubjectRe: Lock-up on boot, Kernel 2.3.18-ac2
Alan Cox wrote:
> > NOTE: This problem does not occur when the kernel is compiled for only
> > one processor. This seems to be an SMP issue.
> >
> > Below is my .config file (comments removed). If anyone needs any more
> > information, I'm on the list.
> If they keyboard is working use right-alt or shift or ctrl to see whats
> going on. In paticular get the EIP values so you can see where it is stuck

Sorry ppls... small typo in EIP.. fixed below... :(


Okay.. I dumped the registers/flags and this is what I got:

EIP: 0010:[<c0107a1e>]
EFLAGS: 00000246
EAX: 0
EBX: c7affa000
ECX: c7affa000
EDX: c7affa000
ESI: c7affa000
EDI: c02299e0
EBP: 0
DS: 0018
ES: 0018
CR0: 8005003B
CR2: 0
CR3: 00101000

Hope that helps some....

Richard Rak
A+ Certified Service Technician

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