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SubjectRe: IDE + SMP Lockup (no OOPS) in 2.2.12, 2.2.10
Hmmz very weird al this stuff.

I am using kernel version 2.3.18 (which was hard to compile, I had to
filch some scripts from 2.3.13) & 2.3.13.

My config:
celeron 366 mhz (socket 370)
1 quantum fireball ex 3.1GB (udma/33)
1 quantum fireball ck 9.1GB(udma/66)
128MB+32MB+64MB=app. 226MB total memory
ASUS TNT2 32mb
running suse 6.2 (kernel 2.3.13 & 2.3.18)
I did dd if=/dev/hde of=/dev/null


for i in 1 2 3 4 5
for i in hda1 hde1
dd if=/dev/$i of=/dev/null count=500000 &
dd if=/dev/hdk1 of=/dev/null count=500000

And now comes the weird thing, It just worked out, no lockups(at all)!!
I even compiled my kernel at the same time. (ok the load was 15.7).

The one who gets the lockup what kind of HD are you using, because I think
same HD's can't handle such bandwith (or someting like that.

Or is it just newbie(I'm just in business for approxemetly 6 months)

So keep me informed about the lockups.
Or didn't I stressed my HD not enough? (ok there comes a very awwfull
sound from my HD buts all sound from my udma/66 are awwfull).

Regard Wouter Crooy

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