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SubjectRe: Re: New Idea? Capture video settings details in Win98/etc. forXFree86 config
Project Lothar which is being sponsored by mandrake linux (link to it from
there web page) is doing detection of ISA PNP devices using a pnp id and a
lookup table.

I dont think they plan to do PCI devices, but i guess its a start, check it

> On Mon, Sep 13, 1999 at 09:16:12AM -0400, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> > > Most of the hardware that windows 98 can find in your PC and SUPPORTED
> > > in Linux can be found quite easily. Try the latest distributions
> > > (Redhat Loxar, Caldera OpenLinux 2.3, SuSE 6.2 etc)
> > I pointed this out. Detecting the hardware all or most of the time
> > the problem although sometimes detecting ram and clock settings seems
> > deficient.
> How does windows find these infos? Normally it doesn't even look for it. I
> have yet to see a Windows fresh install that does _not_ come up in
> 640x480x16.
> Is there someone working on "Monitor PnP" (DDC?) or something?, that would
> probably be the way to go. Steal infos from Windows is not bad, but not
> everybody has Windows.
> > > Also, Windows like to mess with IRQ's, DMA's and stuff that you'll no
> > > neccsary agree to the same settings on Linux...
> > The dot clocks, scan frequencies, and to a lesser extent the video mode
> > are what's needed. These are the parameters that really need to be
> > manually often with XFree86 because you don't have the benefit of
> > of the particular card you have. These should be register settings in
> > the video hardware which shouldn't involve any OS details except how to
> > get access to them when they are set properly.
> Yes. What would be very nice would be a cddb-like hwdb for hardware
> which could be duplicated on a distribution and used for installation.
> the user then changes his settings and inputs new ones, he is asked if he
> wants to upload those new settings.
> Just for video, sound, monitor, printer settings. All those settings that
> are hard, if not impossible, to auto detect, because you don't know what
> the user wants.
> Nice idea. Anyone? :)
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