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SubjectRe: Lockups - lost interrupt
Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Wade Hampton wrote:
> >If I ever get a trace.... Should I move the NMI to another IRQ, for
> >example
> >the one from the serial console? This is an older PII motherboard!
> Yes, you should move it to the IRQ 0 (default). Why was you using the
> serial irq?
I tried twice on IRQ 0, but never got the OOPS. I tried on IRQ 3
and never booted. I tried on IRQ 1 but the keyboard appears hung and
I never got the OOPS as well.

I am now able to lockup my Dell on a regular bassis.
The only information I have been able to get so far
was the addresses via the %eip:

CPU1: c010ced0-4014 in do_IRQ (c010ce90)
CPU2: c010a712-2c56 in ret_from_sys_ccall (c010a70c)

I am basically at a loss but am continueing my tests....

Could there be a problem between the ikd patch and the kdb patch?

Also, I am now using a serial console (ttyS1, 9600 baud).

I am going to remake my kernel from make clean.... reinstall it,
use the default NMI of 0, etc.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated!
W. Wade, Hampton <>

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