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SubjectRe: > 1 meg bzImage
On Sat, 7 Aug 1999, Rick Hohensee wrote:

>> > Anyone know a fix? I know that some previous debate had raged
>> > about bzImage should be able to handle up to 16M kernel sizes
>> > but have found no data/patches/etc on what to do to get past 1M.
>>Whilst the bzImage format itsef can handle kernels up to 16M in size,
>>there is a problem with boot loaders once the kernel gets to be over
>>1M in size, and that is the current limit.
>>There HAS to be a way round that limit, but I for one haven't the
>>foggiest what it is...
>Can a 1.3meg bzImage boot off floppy? Or do you mean boot code including
>that in a bzImage itself?
>There's something vaguely related to open source issues here, although not
>directly pertinent.. How come floppy drives aren't bigger these days?

They are. Have you looked at the LS-120 drive? It is also
called "Superdisk" I believe. Also, there is the IOMEGA ZIP

The LS-120 disks are 120Mb each, and the ZIP is 100Mb each.
IOMEGA also makes drives called the JAZZ drive, which takes 1Gig
floppy cartridges similar to the ZIP drive.

There are many many more options on the market as well, and Linux
supports all of the above drives allready, and likely many more
that are on the market.

>I took apart a 2.88 meg floppy drive the other day. The head
>positioning stuff is rather simple. The 2.88 meg drive was
>probably built around 1991 or 2. A 20 meg floppy drive would be
>a good open hardware project. 20 meg is a lot of
>linux/GNU/unix. Most of what I use fits in 12 meg.

Do yourself a favour and invest in one of the newer drives that
are out there. I've used a ZIP drive many times in Linux, and
they work well.

Mike A. Harris Linux advocate GNU advocate
Computer Consultant Open Source advocate

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot...

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