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Subjecthdd & sound
I'm noticing this one one of my machines.  When writing to a hard drive, the
sound drags. The machine I'm on has piix4 ide and an isa scsi card. I'm
playing sounds from the drive on the scsi card (aha1510 I think is the scsi
card). I tried writing to both an ide and scsi drive, both drag the sound.
Sound card is an SB16 pnp /w ide port (not disablable unfortunately). I had
a similar problem on an isa ide card playing sounds off of the hard drive
(like 44k 16bit 2ch sound off the drive, sound card was an ess card). My
home box that this is happneing on is 2.2.7. The one with the isa ide is no
longer active, but it was running 2.0.36.

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