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SubjectRe: ISDN and the feature freeze (was: no driver change for 2.4?)
On Thu, Aug 05, 1999 at 09:53:53AM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> On Thu, 5 Aug 1999, Paul Slootman wrote:
> >
> > As this has gone on for such a long time, at some point there isn't much
> > alternative to biting the bullet at some stage, and actually _having_ to
> > accept a major patch.
> Oh, I agree. That much is obvious. In fact, I've accepted some of them
> over time.
> The reason I'm bitching is not just because I love biting peoples heads
> off in public, it's because I do not want to see the ISDN incompetence
> continue. I want people to be aware of the problem, and I want somebody to
> stand up and say "I'll do it".
> I can accept large patches initially, but I want to do so in the solid
> knowledge that it's the last time EVER I have to wait for ISDN code until
> the last moment. There's obviously no way we can fix past problems, I just
> do not want them to repeat every single release cycle like they have so
> far.

It might be good to make sure the XFS people at SGI are reading this
thread. Given that I have not seen any incremental XFS patches I assume
they are planning on doing a mega-patch too.


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