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SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.x outgoing TCP connects hang after several hours of use
Meelis Roos <> remarked:
> DH> I've been noticing a TCP connect problem on a masquerading gateway
> DH> box for a few months now, first running 2.2.7, and more recently
> DH> 2.2.10 and 2.2.11pre2. They behavior is basically that outgoing TCP
> DH> connections originating on the gateway box itself fail, but that
> DH> incoming TCP connects succeed. Outgoing TCP connects that are
> DH> masqueraded via this box succeed as well. The interfaces are eth0
> DH> for the local private net and ppp0 for everything else.
> If you are using some reverse masquerading techinques (like ipautofw)
> then it may happen that the kernel chooses the local port number for
> outgoing connections from the range that the masquerade helper uses.
> It results in just the same symptoms - no outgoing connections, incoming
> and masquerade still work. When a big-enough number of connections fail
> then the local port number gets out of the forwarded range and it works
> again.

You're absolutely correct. I thought I had check all my firewall
stuff thoroughly, but I overlooked the autofw rules I had added a
couple months back to handle Jedi Knight. As a hack to get it
working correctly, I had removed the control port, so that all TCP
ports in the range 2300-2400 were affected without qualification. I
commented these back out (as they should have been all the time) and
things are back to normal.


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