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SubjectRe: New resources - pls, explain :-(

[expecting you meant PCI devices]

> (2) What should I do with this resource? From your code it seems that
> (a) resource is already plugged into resource tree, so no
> {request,release}_resource should be in driver

Yes, the generic PCI code will allocate everything.

> (b) start contain base, end end address and flags some ids (maybe
> there should be some additional macros - it is not clear whether
> MMIO region is detected as !(flags & PCI_BASE_ADDRESS_SPACE_IO) or
> by something else.
> Probably IS_PCI_SPACE_IO() & IS_PCI_SPACE_MMIO() should be invented
> (otherwise I'll ignore these flags - hardware manual says, that
> region 0 for my matrox is always MMIO, so why bother with check)

I'll add them.

> (3) check_region currently returns already allocated (so I have to comment
> out check_region checks from ide-dma.c & de4x5.c). And (2a) implies
> that there is no way to tell kernel that device (or resource) is
> allocated now. Did I oversight something or is there planned
> {request,release,check}_pci_dev(struct pci_dev*) for 2.3.13-pre6?

I want to introduce such functions in my patch which I'll hopefully
finish this evening.

Have a nice fortnight
Martin `MJ' Mares <>
Faculty of Math and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Rep., Earth
"A mathematician is a machine for converting coffee into theorems."

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