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SubjectRe: info format (was Re: Linux 2.2.11pre4)
On 4 Aug 1999, Andreas Schwab wrote:

> (Bob_Tracy) writes:
> |> For those commands where a quick summary isn't enough, additional
> |> documentation in whatever format the author feels comfortable generating
> |> is reasonable and appropriate, but I STILL WANT THE #$%@! man PAGE, and
> |> it should be kept up to date.

Linux is not a bench-warmers OS in general.
If you see a need, offer to help.
A general wine-n-cheese party will go noway fast.

How the flip do you think most people got into Linux?

See below for softer answer, have a good day.

> If you look at the pretest versions of the textutils, sh-utils, texinfo,
> etc. packages you'll see that work is being done to improve the
> documentation. Remember that all those things are done *voluntarily*, and
> if nobody wants to do it, then it won't be done, period.

Andre Hedrick
The Linux IDE guy

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