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SubjectRe: [PATCH] make 2.3.14 sulk quietly about unaligned a.out objects
In article <>,
Pavel Machek <> wrote:
>> Someplace in either 2.2 or 2.3, binfmt_aout started printk'ing like
>> mad about unaligned a.out libraries and binaries. For most people,
>> this isn't a problem because it would take an act of congress to
>> make them use a.out, but it's a BIG problem for Mastodon; this
>> patch makes binfmt_aout simply sulk quietly about alignments.
>Well - I think that Linus is prepared to drop support for unaligned
>a.out binaries in 2.5 or so.

Well, I certainly hope not, because people are still using them.

>Please - your spam detterent is too successfull - it deters me to as I
>don't known which '.' to keep.

Just send to the kernel mailing list and I'll see it there.

david parsons \bi/ not planning to stop using a.out format in the
\/ immediate future.

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