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    SubjectRe: Anti-SPAM Suggestion...
    "Mike A. Harris" <> said:
    > On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, Riley Williams wrote:


    > >I have about a dozen places where I can RECEIVE email, and my postings
    > >could come from any of them, but I have set them all up to show the
    > >same FROM address when I SEND emails out. As a result, I can see no
    > >need to support more than one email address per person.

    > No need for it if everyone uses PINE 4.10 with the "Roles"
    > feature. But if you use Netscape or most other mailers, you're
    > stuck with one of:

    No. All mailing list packages I know of have a feature of subscribers and
    people allowed to post. If you want to post, you have to be on the
    "poster" list, if you want to get the list, you'd be a "subscriber". You'd
    usually place the subscribers into the poster category, add a bounce for
    non-susbcribed people, and have "somebody" take care of subscribing the
    poster to the "poster" list and forward the message to the list
    proper. That's essentially what I do by hand with a 500-people linux list
    around here, configured such that "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" messages to
    the list also get to me first, just in case ;-)

    The problem here is finding that "somebody", and ensuring {,s}he doesn't
    get overwhelmed, and that response times stay low. Some questions then:

    - How much traffic on the list is generated by non-subscribers?
    - Is there any simple way to spread the load, i.e., get the questionable
    messages to a _list_ of whitewashers, and post the message &c when _one_
    of them OKes it?
    - I assume there are possibilities for automated checks, like the RBL, and
    AFAIK they are in use. Any others that could be helpful here?

    SPAM and other abuse handling is _not_ simple, the abusers thankfully stay
    one or two steps behind in technical savvy, but you are forced to work on
    it every day, least they catch up.
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