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SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] Re: [bigmem-patch] 4GB with Linux on IA32
> Scott Lurndal wrote:
> >
> > Certain applications, like oracle, really run well if you give them
> > loads of RAM. (As pointed out above, you can't give it more than
> > 4GB at one time, but you can use a windowing scheme with kernel
> > intervention to map a window into a larger than 4GB shared memory
> > segment, for example, to the application. Unixware does this
> > to utilize the additional memory provided by PAE on ia32 arch).
> Someone braver than I could conceivably write a hugemem device driver
> which would let you access this memory, put ramdisks on it, and even
> mmap segments of it. (think solid state storage, except on the memory
> bus instead of the SCSI bus) That would probably get you most of the
> benefit, with full compatibility with the current kernels.

If you are going to do a new api, at least model it after one
which has an existence proof for PAE support on intel hardware,
i.e. Unixware 7. The sliding window scheme for large (> 4GB) shared
memory segments is even somewhat elegent.


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