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    SubjectRe: AIX disclaim() or Tru64 madvise (MADV_DONTNEED) needed
    Christoph Rohland <> writes:

    > You can not use file descriptors for shared memory since they sync to
    > file on unmap. This would be possible if we had shm_open which
    > implements shared memory with the normal fd/mmap/unmap syntax.

    Are you implying that it would suffice if you could use MAP_SHARED of
    /dev/zero and/or MAP_SHARED|MAP_ANONYMOUS style shared memory?

    If so, there is (or was) a patch for doing this for Linux (look for
    shmfs). It seems to me like a nice feature for 2.3


    (It was even designed explicitly for shm_open)

    Unfortunately the website seems to have disappeared :-(


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