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    SubjectProblems with Sym53c8xx on Alpha with 2.2.1[12] kernels
    In article <> Alan Cox wrote:

    >> FYI this problem is still there in 2.2.11 (and in patch-2.2.12pre7);
    >> I tripped over this last night. Do you still have those patches queued?
    >They should have been fixed by the 2.2.12 alpha updates. If not then let
    > know.

    I just verified that I still have this problem with 2.2.12-final.
    The symptom:

    sym53c8xx: 53c810a detected
    sym53c810a-0: rev=0x11, base=0xa000000, io_port=0x9800, irq=28
    sym53c810a-0: ID=7, Fast-IO, Parity Checking
    CACHE TEST FAILED: script exection failed
    start=80292d08, pc=80292d08, end=80292d28
    sym53c810a-0: giving up...

    My system:

    Alpha XLT-300 (Alcor)
    I boot with MILO in case it matters.

    If I replace core_cia.c and core_cia.h with the one in 2.2.5, everything
    works fine (as it has for years).

    Alan Cox was under the impression that this had been fixed in 2.2.11 or
    at least in 2.2.12, but in my case (cia) it hasn't (I've heard reports of
    someone with a pyxis system where it _was_ in fact fixed).

    I'm happy to test out any patches you may have for this (weekdays I'm
    near my Alpha).

    Paul Slootman

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