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SubjectRe: Anti-SPAM Suggestion...
> > put too much of a load on the moderators (volunteers??? preferably
> > in 4 or 5 different timezones) and it really keeps the list clean.
> Excellent suggestion. I'll even volunteer to be a moderator. I think
> that the latest round of nonsense makes it clear that SOME sort of
> defensive measure will end up being necessary in the long run. It is
> just too easy for one jerk to annoy thousands of people with one nasty
> trick, and even without this sort of SPAM-bombing we've been getting
> plenty of random SPAM, which will only increase. Moderating can't take
> any longer than hitting "d" fifty extra times -- either a posting is
> legit or it isn't.

Moderation always gets tricky once you get past the non obvious spam
phase. However if Dave isnt keen to follow this path, there is certainly scope
for people to do a 'best of linux-kernel' list. I imagine a lot of the
less full time developers would benefit from that.

Interesting project, hard work and probably not terribly rewarding


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