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    SubjectRe: Anti-SPAM Suggestion...
    On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, ben fleis wrote:

    > > A better thing (I think) I was thinking about would be to have it so
    > > that only people on the list could post to it, and posts w/ '[lk]'
    > > in the subject. Then if someone posts w/o being on the list (Or
    > > part of the digest or whatever), and the email doesn't have '[lk]'
    > > in the Subject coming in, it gets bounced back w/ instructions to
    > > plop '[lk]' in the subject and re-submit, and/or it can be forwarded
    > > to some person(s) for manual checking of the message, and they can
    > > resubmit it to the list w/ [lk] in the subject if it looks
    > > reasonable...
    > your description is slightly confusing to me. Do you mean
    > (1) Either be on the list OR post with [lk], or
    > (2) Be on the list AND post with [lk]?
    > (1) seems quite reasonable, and retains the desired openness, while
    > (2) is not only closed, but rather annoying for list users (i know that i
    > don't want to type [lk] every time).

    My suggestion was (1).


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