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SubjectYour request to sign off the DOWNLOAD-DISPATCH list
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 21:36:51

No entry for your linux-kernel@VGER.RUTGERS.EDU address could be found in
the DOWNLOAD-DISPATCH list at DISPATCH.CNET.COM. Here are a number of
possible reasons why you might still be getting mail from the list:

1. You could be subscribed under a different, but equivalent address. For
instance, if your e-mail address as it appears in the 'From:' line of
messages coming from you has the misfortune of depending on the distance
between your workstation and the terminal room door, you were probably
subscribed from a different address and, while your mail system knows
that the two addresses are equivalent, LISTSERV has no way to know that.
In this case the only thing you can do, beyond contacting the list owner,
is to send a "REVIEW DOWNLOAD-DISPATCH" command to find out under what
address you are subscribed, and try to duplicate it with the help of your
user support people.

2. If you are a BITNET user, you might be subscribed under your Internet
address and sending this command via BITNET, or vice versa. Most BITNET
sites have registered their Internet addresses in the BITNET nodes
database, BITEARN NODES (the "tag" containing this information is called
':internet' - if you do not understand any of this, just bring a copy of
this message to your user support people). Unfortunately, some sites have
still not done that, and in such cases LISTSERV has no way to determine
that, for instance, BITNET node XYZCOL1 is the same as Internet host
VM3.XYZ.EDU. If you suspect this might be your problem, try resending
your request via both interactive message (SEND under VMS, TELL under VM)
and e-mail.

3. You might be subscribed under an equivalent yet different address -
for instance, one with explicit gatewaying, or an X.400 address with
different ordering of the various components, etc. You could send a
"REVIEW DOWNLOAD-DISPATCH" command and inspect the list membership to
find out whether this is the case, and ask the list owners to remove that
address from the list.

4. You could be subscribed to the list under another account, from which
mail is being automatically forwarded to your
linux-kernel@VGER.RUTGERS.EDU account. In that case you should be able to
leave the list by resending the signoff request from the account in

5. You could be subscribed to the list indirectly, via a "redistribution"
list. That is, one of the subscribers to the LISTSERV list is in fact a
mailing list, to which you are yourself subscribed (note that this
"sub-list" is not necessarily managed by LISTSERV and, in fact, such
lists are often manually maintained, in which case the only way to leave
the list is to contact the person who maintains it). Since you are not
directly subscribed to DOWNLOAD-DISPATCH, the only way for you to stop
getting the postings is to contact the administrators of this sub-list
and ask them to sign you off.

You should be able to contact the list owners by simply replying to this
message (if you do not know how to reply to a message in your mailbox,
you can send a new message to

To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in
the body of a message to
Please read the FAQ at

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