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SubjectRe: Anti-SPAM Suggestion...

> > linux-kernel, but don't want to receive linux-kernel email
> > (people with more than one email address who are already
> > subscribed on one especially).
> I have about a dozen places where I can RECEIVE email, and my postings
> could come from any of them, but I have set them all up to show the
> same FROM address when I SEND emails out. As a result, I can see no
> need to support more than one email address per person.

Um. Maybe I'm not doing things the 'right way' but I have my mail sent to
go to with qmail, but all my posts are going
to say they are from, which is my 'real' email

Since all my lists come from a different renec-*@wherever, I think the
list needs to recognize that the address I receive on is not the one I
would want to be registered as a sender on.

> The first line states the email address I wish to be known as, and the
> second states the account I actually used to send that particular
> email.

But not everybody does it that way ;)


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