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SubjectRe: hdd & sound
> Lets make some definitions.
> pitch problem (sounds analogue)
> - (Wakkos) the sound changes pitch when hard disk is
> accessed.

Not read, just write...

> hack problem (sounds digital)
> - the sound drops out for short intervals since the sound
> generating program do not get. Digital effect.
> - time from waking of a higher priority process
> to it gets CPU to keep the output buffer filled.
> This can be somewhat avoided by sound application
> writers by using ridiculous huge output buffers.
> [ongoing work in this area is described on
> Ingo Molnar is involved.
> Latest version (N6+) < 5 ms ...
> ]
> - enough IO to keep the input buffer filled.
> [you would probably need something like the
> described in thread "Prioritized IO", but you
> need to fix the CPU problem first... ]
> stuck problem (sounds digital)
> - (mine when trying to reproduce the pitch problem) after
> several repeated runs of a process that stress disk write
> the sound gets stuck in some strange output.
> [Working with Alan to find this]
> So, where does your fit?

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