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SubjectRe: troubles with CD and 2.2.11 (Alpha)
> It looks like that recent "mimimal IDE changes" in 2.2.11 kernel
> got me into trouble with ATAPI CD (SAMSUNG SC-140B) on Alpha dp264.
> The last kernel which booted on this machine is 2.2.10-ac10.
> When I am trying 2.2.11 (and 2.2.11-ac3) I see "hda: lost interrupt"
> followed by some timeouts and

This is much more likely to be the Alpha changes.

Can you back out the change to ide.c (thats the only one that affects the
core ide code) and see if it changes it. My first guess is that
the ide*.c changes on 2.2.10 will be fine and the old ide on 2.2.11 alpha
patches will break

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