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Subject[PATCH] roubust ext2fs against failure
Hello, Remy.

I've just refined synchronous-updates-mount mode of ext2fs.
Ext2 mounted "sync" works very slow and ext2 might be damaged
seriously in an event of crash.
So I decided to redesign them.

Patch is availabe at

This patch makes your linux:
1. robust in an event of crash.
keeping consitency of meta-data of filesystem.
2. improving performances.

The peformances of ext2fs applied this patch is bellow:
Machine spec: Pentium(166MHz) IDE-Disk(Western Degital AC31600H)

time cp -r src/linux /tmp time rm -r src/linux
linux 16 min 25 sec 3 min 2 sec
linux+patch 3 min 21 sec 1 min 49 sec

My first aproach to implement them is 'fail-safe and fail-soft':
- write meta-data back to disk in safe order.
- initialize meta-data on disk at first use.
- keep link-count of inodes zero when creating files.

Second, minimize loss of performance:
- it isn't neccesary to synhronous-update inode-bitmaps and
block-bitmaps. E2fsck will repair them perfectly.
- it isn't neccesary to synhronous-update inode and indirect-block,
this does'nt cause any problems.

Any comments any suggestions are welcome, Please e-mail me.

Hirokazu Takahashi.

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