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SubjectRe: RealMagic DVD-cards
Could anyone please ellaborate on which if any card/dvd device combos are
currently working? Since I haven't got a dvd drive yet (for the reason of
lack of support), if I can get one that works, I'll buy it.

Jon. wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 12, 1999 at 04:14:01PM -0400, B.W. McAdams wrote:
> > Having just gotten a DVD player for my system which came with a Sigma
> > Hollywood Plus (ugh - another reason to keep windows on my box), I
> > would definitely have an interest in seeing someone get it working in
> > Linux.
> >
> > I'd offer to do it myself, but I must admit my C is pretty subpar and
> > rusty, and I have no experience writing device drivers. However if
> > someone would undertake the project I'd be willing to offer what help
> > i can.
> >
> > Although I guess we would still need DVD Player software for linux
> > once the card was driven. hmmm. Anyone know if theres a project out
> > there to write a Software based DVD Player?
> >
> > -Brendan
> I've extensive experience with MPEG 1/VideoCD/CDI decoding on the old
> C-Cube CL4x0 chipset which was used by a number of vendors in the
> old days. (In fact, I have a linux driver for it) I'm also a little
> familiar with the Ziva chip, also by C-Cube, used in the Creative Labs
> DXR2 (perhaps a V in there someplace) DVD card.
> I am not familiar with the chip used in the Hollywood products from
> Sigma Designs, but I have spoken to both them and C-Cube about their
> DVD products.
> C-Cube was only willing to provide any information if paid US$15,000
> for a developers kit. I've since become a registered Creative Labs
> developer, perhaps they might provide an answer. Lastly, Sigma
> Designs was unclear on if they would tell me anything. But I believe
> they might.
> I have come accross some interesting info:
> One Tidbit: Some unknown third party company is going to release
> linux code to drive the XXX chip.
> Other Tidbit: The next generation of the XXX chip is going to have
> an integrated core of the Sigma Designs DVD decoder chip.
> I believe there is a project someplace which has support for the
> Creative Labs Dxr2 DVD card except for the DVD/Ziva specific portion.
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> Brian Litzinger <>
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