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SubjectRe: autorouting problem

On Sat, 14 Aug 1999, cxreg wrote:

> What Im trying to do is dial into the network at work and route 5 or so
> ip's of the network down the ppp link so I can have routable IPs on my
> network at home without actually splitting the class C up. I've added the
> entries to the ARP tables and set up the forwarding rules with ipchains,
> and everything seems to work ok with one exception. I cant see any hosts
> on the actual class C because the machines on the dialup network all think
> that the entire class C is on *their* network due to the "autorouting"
> thing. Is there any way to disable this behavior, or a better way to
> approach what Im trying to do? Thanks

Did you configure the machines on the dialup network in any special
way? They need to know that packets for the machines not on your
dialup network need to go to your router.

If these are all Linux/Unix boxes, you can make appropriate route
table entries on every machine or maybe use a routing daemon.

Otherwise you need proxy ARP on your home network router too. You need
a proxy ARP entry for every IP that's on the other side of the router.
That would make ~250 entries, but you can combine lots of them using
the netmask option.

I once did such a thing for 9 IPs in a class B network. (Took ~18
proxy ARP entries). It worked fine but now we've switched to


Eric Lammerts <> -o)
Al is je pc'tje nog zo snel, Microsoft vertraagt hem wel. _\_v

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