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SubjectRe: Problems writting a CHAR Driver with interruptible_sleep (wait_ queu e)
From said:
> Seriously, you probably want to look at the PC speaker driver patch -
> this did some pretty hairy modifications to the timer interrupt stuff
> to have it use the RTC instead of the usual PC timer chip, I think.

> It seems to have disappeared from its previous home, but
> was last to be seen with it.

I didn't ever get round to making the timer use the RTC instead, although I
occasionally notice it somewhere down my TODO list.

What the PC speaker driver does at the moment is increase the irq0 timer rate
by <n> times, then call the old routine once in every <n> interrupts, after
doing the actual speaker stuff.

You can't use the RTC for the PC speaker, because it can't interrupt fast
enough. That's why we need to shift the system timer onto the RTC. said:
> Platforms. The TSC is an i386 thing, though other architectures
> often have similar features. Either way, it's only really useful for
> busy-waiting and accurate timing measurements anyway.

On platforms which support this kind of thing, #include <asm/timex.h> and use:
static inline cycles_t get_cycles (void);

On platforms which don't support it, this should always return zero.

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