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SubjectRe: New resources - pls, explain :-(
Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Alan Cox wrote:
> > > Why not clean up the namespace now? It's a simple #define in drivers,
> > > and I venture to guess that most people will not notice since they get
> > > their net drivers from kernel sources.
> > Its a #ifdef in lots of drivers. And a lot of people download their drivers
> > from Don Becker and also as source from vendor sites.
> True. Will 'struct device' continue to be an annoyance to people, next
> year, five years down the road?

If it has to be phased out, I would recommend having the net_device
from now on, and

#define device net_device

for general use.

At 2.5/2.6 we can start depreciating the old use, by generating

2.7 (Late 2000) is the earliest that struct device could be used as
something different.


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