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SubjectRe: 2.2.12pre[13] network problem
On Sat, Aug 14, 1999 at 01:02:26AM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> > I've tried 2.2.12pre1 and 2.2.12pre3 today. Output from ifconfig looks
> > normal. Interface eth0 works fine. Interface eth1 doesn't: if pinged
> > from another box, it may or may not (mostly not) wake up and ping back,
> > and if it does, and I ping from the local host, that may work for a bit;
> > but very soon (under 20 seconds) the interface seems to revert to
> > inactivity. All this time eth0 is quite normal. Taking eth1 down and
> > bringing it back up manually with ifconfig doesn't help. Rebooting
> > 2.2.11 causes the problem to go away.
> Do you have any of the IP virtual server stuff built in ?

I have a similiar setup haunting me under 2.2.11:

Two SMP servers with 3Com 3c905 NICs. Server1 has one secondary IP address,
Server2 has two secondary IP addresses. Both are connected to the same
100MBit-Switch with autonegotiation turned off. Now what happens:

Right after reboot of Server2 everything works but soon after Server1 will
not be able to reach Server2's primary address, all secondary addresses still
work and none of the other hosts (Linux and non-Linux) are experiencing any
problems. The ARP cache shows entries for all IP addresses of Server2.
Deleting the ARP entry for the primary address of Server2 will fail with an
error message that the network is down (which obviously is bogus).

Dominik Kubla
Drug misuse is not a disease, it is a decision, like the decision to step
out in front of a moving car. You would call that not a disease but an
error of judgment. --Philip K. Dick. Author's Note, A SCANNER DARKLY, 1977

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