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SubjectRe: New resources - pls, explain :-(
Count me as one more voice for having readl_ns etc...

I added this for PCMCIA a long time ago because it was the most concise
way to handle the big/little-endian issue for my drivers. Defining
big-endian variants for read*/write* calls clearly provides equivalent
functionality, of course... so it is just a syntax issue...

> #ifdef BIG_ENDIAN
> #define gfx_readl(x) bigendian_readl(x)
> #define gfx_writel(x,y) bigendian_writel(x,y)
> #else
> #define gfx_readl(x) readl(x)
> #define gfx_writel(x,y) writel(x,y)
> #endif

So you're saying that the driver actually wants *_ns calls (since
that's what you're #defining here). If the main use of bigendian_*
calls is to create macros for the *_ns calls that drivers need, why
not just give them these calls in the first place?

-- Dave Hinds

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