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SubjectRe: Gates of Hell
On Fri, 13 Aug 1999, Robert G. Brown wrote:

> On Thu, 12 Aug 1999, Jonathan Masters wrote:
> > Yep. I took the same attitude with him as I did with barclays bank and
> > threatened to sue him/her for discrimating between OSs in such a manner, I
> > mean winblows is crap everyone knows, and OK, so MacOS is *better*, but since
> > that microshark "loan" of millions to Apple, I will always view Apple and
> > microshaft as being too close so I find this kind of discrimination very bad
> > for everyone. BARCLAYS HAD THE NERVE to claim that
> > LINUX IS ***LESS*** SECURE THAN WINDOWS 95/98/NT - what an utter sh*tload of
> > crap. I mean, it made me laugh and I've still gotta decide if I'm gonna pursue
> > the case with Barclays.... (I *used* to like them too).
> Well, let's be less knee-jerk biased about this. As far as the network
> is concerned, Win9X is nearly perfectly secure because they have an
> outgoing-only sort of network. Can one crack a Win9X box on the
> network? I doubt it -- even if one WANTS to login to it is impossible
> because it is brain dead at the network level, because it has no shells,
> and so forth. Macintoads are no better. So they're "secure" in that
> only the person logged into the console can do anything and it is
> difficult for a remote cracker to install a snooper or capture
> keystrokes or the like.

This is not has hard as you might think, I am constantly dealing with BO
or netbus infections. Windows users can often be tricked into running
Or in one case NT and 95 on a lan with networking open (oops) attackers
just mounted the drives and installed 30 copies of netbus.

Improper setup on either OS will cause problems.. no reason to single us



<>< As a computer I find your faith in technology amusing.

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