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SubjectRe: Prioritized I/O

Steven Suson writes:

> I've been thinking about the discussions on latency, especially in
> regards to multilmedia recording, etc. If I/O were prioritized in the
> way that CPU utilization is, then this would allow R/T processes to also
> take precendence for I/O, thus reducing latency. In addition, this
> yields all sorts of benefits for time sensitive I/O.
> Any thoughts? Opinions? Etc.?

Yup, good feature to have.

This is the part of XFS that isn't getting ported. This is a big ugly
monster of a problem. SGI solved this by making you preallocate files
for real-time use. The filesystem has special partitions for real-time
use, so that you can have contiguous files and no metadata on the disk.
(a bit like block devices, but they appear as normal files)

Looking for a big and useful project? :-) Think how this would look on
your resume, and think of all the nice video apps you could have.
Most of all, think how much fun it would be to hack this up.

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