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    SubjectRe: lockd errors
    Alan Cox on Sun 15/08 00:41 +0100:
    > > And what if the server is Solaris? Same problem (at least in
    > > 2.2.10); get "failed to monitor" messages and no programs that use
    > > flock() or fcntl() will get their lock. This is a real pain using
    > > MUA on NFS mounted spool, and using dotlocking is rather silly don't
    > > you think?.
    > Make sure you are running lock daemons on the Solaris box. This case
    > definitely works. I've used it

    There is one lockd running. I tried this using Solaris 2.5 - 2.7, with
    the jumbo patches, and still no locks, stock 2.2.10 kernel,
    CONFIG_NFS_FS=y and CONFIG_LOCKD=y. Mounts of NFS exports from the
    Solaris boxes simply do not mount with locks. Am I doing something
    wrong? The Solaris boxes have no trouble mounting from these exports and
    getting locks. I am using rw,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,hard .


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