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SubjectRe: [2.3.13] some bench on a 486
Luca Montecchiani wrote:
> Thomas Bierweiler wrote:
> >
> > And as you can see here, the sys time is 20% less then before,
> > so this IS a large improvement.
> Yes it's good, but the user pay a 3.2% tax over the
> global real time and I don't know why.
That's within the error interval. Real time means start time - end time
(obviously) and that can vary between two runs of the same app with the
same data because of
- cached vs. non-cached data
- you starting another app
- you moving the mouse
- you looking at the process vs. you having a little beer in the


Marc Mutz <>
University of Bielefeld, Dep. of Mathematics / Dep. of Physics

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