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SubjectRe: New resources - pls, explain :-(

On Fri, 13 Aug 1999, Mr. James W. Laferriere wrote:
> Having just recently done a bit of kernel reading (not light that)
> I am unable to find anything pertaining to EISA bus , Is this
> another of the 'PCI like' buses ? Tia, JimL

Basically, "PCI-like" is anything that has the current semantics for the
basic operations in[bwl]/out[bwl]/read[bwl]/write[bwl], and where there is
a reasonably high chance of the same driver working across different
incarnations of buses without much change.

Some buses do not do the inb/outb thing at all - they just memory map.
They would normally not be considered PCI-like, although there is
obviously no reason why they could not be implemented in a manner that
makes them look pretty much the same to most drivers.

Other buses don't have a "IO map" at all, but are packet-based (USB,
Firewire, SCSI etc), and again they'd obviously not be PCI-like and there
is no way to even make them reasonably look remotely that way at all.

But basically all the CPU buses you've ever seen for a PC are "PCI-like"
in the basic stuff. Whether they had names like ISA, EISA, VLB, PCMCIA..


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