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Subject2.2.11: Complicated memory leak...
G'Day Folks,

Just compiled/installed 2.2.11 in a more-or-less stock RedHat
6.0 SMP (dual Celeron) system (modulo using the XFree86 3.3.4 RPMs
from RawHide). Symptom: after about 5 minutes, the system totally
runs out of memory (256Mb RAM and 256Mb swap) producing numerous "out
of memory" messages before total lockup. The pre-crash behavior is
quite evident in xosview, top, etc. etc.

The reason I'm suspicious of 2.2.11 is that the same exact
configuration previously ran fine under 2.2.10 (also compiled from
source; *NOT* the RedHat rawhide RPMs).

Some combination of VMWare (1.0.3), squid, and KDE (1.1.1),
seems to accelerate the memory leak. VMWare (re-installed cleanly for
the new kernel; including a re-compilation of the vmmon and vm-net
modules) is particularly bad at exacerbating the problem.

And, to make this something truly from the twilight zone, I
also have Mandrake 6.0 installed (multiboot) on the same box.
Installation of 2.2.11 onto that distribution seems to work fine
(i.e. no leaks). I'm stumped (but running Mandrake for the moment :-)

TIA for any ideas on what to try next. Obviously, I am
willing to experiment/report logs/whatever to aid tracking this

Frank Horowitz
Frank Horowitz
Australian Geodynamics Cooperative Research Centre, and
CSIRO-Exploration & Mining, PO Box 437, Nedlands, WA 6009, AUSTRALIA
Direct: +61 8 9284 8431; FAX: +61 8 9389 1906; Reception: +61 8 9389 8421

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