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SubjectRe: ADSL or Cable modem support in Linux, etc..
On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Mark Lord wrote:

> "Mike A. Harris" wrote:
> ...
> > What is the support like for ADSL right now?
> ...
> Works fine here (2.2mb/sec), connected via ethernet to the ADSL "modem".
> BUT.. that ease will change soon. My ISP is shifting to PPP-over-Ethernet
> rather than continuing with the current "bridged" setup. Other ISPs
> continent-wide are likely to do the same, in the name of "equal access".
> Linux currently has no *mature* open-source PPPoE client, but there
> are some jury-rigged arrangements that work, sort of, at present.
> I'll likely be installed one Real Soon Now..

Here at Cloudnet we have several clients hooked up with ADSL/PPP. The
equipment that the customers use are Cisco 675 ADSL routers. The ADSL
routers handles the PPPoE stuff automagically.

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; when you know it's in walking distance ; System Administrator
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