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SubjectRe: 2.2.11: Complicated memory leak...
On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Alan Cox wrote:

> > My PC is configured as NIS client. Currently I am running the
> > Potato Debian distribution, i.e. the C lib is glibc 2.1, and
> > the kernel has been compiled with gcc 2.95.
> >
> > After about 5 minutes or so ypbind, getty and other important jobs
> > die with 'out of memory'. Only the reset button helps.
> Next question. Is everyone seeing this using gcc 2.95

i have 2 Debian potato systems with gcc version 2.95 19990728 (release)
- both running 2.2.11-ac2 with nis and various *gettys ...

one system is dual p166 smp kernel 90mb ram, the other 333celeron 64mb

no leak here...
Marques Johansson

Warning! This not checked for grammer or speling. You figure it out!

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