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    SubjectRe: New resources - pls, explain :-(
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > > right thing" for that bus. One could add "bigendian_writel()" and
    > > "littleendian_writel()" to satisfy the Linus constraint of making
    > > unusual usage of writel() obvious.

    > So every I/O has an if in it. Nothing like stalling the pipeline before we
    > probably stall on I/O writes to make things twice as painful.

    Various implementations of writel() do stuff to stall the pipeline a bit
    anyway. It's really a convenience/speed tradeoff. IMHO writel() should
    continue to "do the right thing" as it currently does, regardless of its
    bus, while allowing saavy driver writers to employ BUS_writel() if they
    so desire.

    My main motivation is keeping the codebase the same across multiple
    buses. The 'if' has to occur somewhere, if your driver supports
    multiple buses. I would rather have the ifs in a common place,
    writel(), to avoid

    void vga_mm_wcrt (caddr_t vga_base, unsigned char reg, unsigned char
    if (zorro_bus) {
    } else if (pci_bus) {
    ...use pci_writeb to duplicate above logic...
    } else if (sbus) {
    ...use sbus_writeb to duplicate above logic...

    Entropy requires no maintenance.
    -- Markoff Chaney

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