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SubjectADSL or Cable modem support in Linux, etc..
I have been working on convincing my employer to put Linux in at
the office, as it is IMHO the best solution for numerous things
for our website.

They considered an NT proxy server initially, however I have
convinced them of the virtues of Linux, and have set the machine
up, and encountered more problems than I'd care to mention with
the shoddy hardware I received.

I posted several Oops reports (ksymoops'd) and received no
response whatsoever from the kernel list. If I'd done something
wrong, knowing WHAT would have been nice, but....

Now I've been given new hardware, and will be putting the system
in as a gateway to the net, as well as our master copy of the
website, and other things.

In the near future, we might be getting some high speed net
access via ADSL or cable modem here, and we'll have it in the

What is the support like for ADSL right now? It would make them
see Linux as bad if it cannot do this with minimal fuss when we
get the connection, and I want to impress them, and not have them
see Linux as a toy. So far they are "with" the Linux idea, but
any little things like this are "bad times 10" if you know what I

Any ADSL/Cable experience anyone has had would be greatly

Thanks, TTYL

Mike A. Harris Linux advocate GNU advocate
Computer Consultant Open Source advocate

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot...

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